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Foto's Michael Lee Berg Oreochromis mossambicus (Mozambique tilapia)

picture properties:
year taken :1977
country :Taiwan
notes :
Oreochromis mossambicus(fb)

© Michael Lee Berg
13-03-2013 14:32:26
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13-03-2013 14:36:50
Michael Lee Berg zegt : Species:
Tilapia, Hybrid C Mozambique/Nile
Chinese Pond, Taiwan
Date Caught:
Saturday, October 1, 1977
Dough Ball - Hybrid Nile Tilapia & Mozambique Tilapia // TaiwanIn Taiwan, tilapiine cichlids are also known as the “South Pacific crucian carp“, and since their introduction, have spread across aquatic environments all over the island. Introduced in 1946, tilapiine cichlids made a considerable economic contribution, not only by providing the Taiwanese people with food, but also by allowing the island‘s fish farmers to break into key markets, such as Japan and the United States. Indeed, tilapiine cichlids have become an important farmed fish in Taiwan for both export and domestic consumption.[11] The Chinese name for the fish in Taiwan is wu-kuo (ǹ), and was created from the surnames of Wu Chen-hui (x) and Kuo Chi-chang (), who introduced the fish into Taiwan from Singapore. The Taiwan tilapia is a hybrid of Oreochromis mossambicus and O. niloticus niloticus. In mainland China, it is called luofei fish (޷), named after the origin of this fish: the Nile and Africa (niLUO and FEIzhou in Chinese respectively).

16-03-2013 00:24:20
Theo Modder zegt : Hey Michael, not only you travel and fish, you also speak your languages, you know your stuff dude.
Grtz Theo.

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