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Foto's Michael Lee Berg Ancistrus cirrhosus

picture properties:
year taken :2016
country :USA
notes :
Ancistrus cirrhosus (fb)

© Michael Lee Berg
13-12-2016 08:10:02
1 mens(en) vinden dit een mooie foto.
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15-12-2016 15:18:01
Theo Modder zegt : Wierd fish !
Did you catch all these fish in the USA ?
15-12-2016 16:54:16
Michael Lee Berg zegt : Yes, Florida is full of fish that escaped from fish farms or were released because they were no longer wanted. This happens in Indiana too but most die in the winter. A couple of years ago someone caught a redtail catfish in the Indiana waters of Lake Michigan, many other species have been caught over the years too.
16-12-2016 17:21:10
Ben Cantrell zegt : Wow, who knew all these species were established in FL. So many new ones!
16-12-2016 18:55:40
Michael Lee Berg zegt : I don‘t think I would go as far as saying established, but all these species except one were caught or sampled multiple times in FL. According to the Florida DNR and USGS.
I would say, you never know what you might catch in FL.

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