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Foto's Pascal Pépé Sjamajee Rommelaere Lophius piscatorius (Zeeduivel)

picture properties:
year taken :
country :Norway
notes :
Lophius piscatorius(fb)

© Pascal Pépé Sjamajee Rommelaere
01-09-2014 17:14:04
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10-09-2014 22:27:00
Jani Hakkarainen zegt : Wow, what a dream species!
11-09-2014 16:43:59
Pascal Pépé Sjamajee Rommelaere zegt : It was a very lucky shot Jani, where you see the boat at the right of me, 3 hours before i was fishing with a small fly and cought a few smal fish they called cappelin and with this bait i caught this lophius at 22 meter of depth only 5 minutes from the harbor. this is my one and only of this species i ever caught.

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