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New book on specieshunting in Britain and Ireland


Review (in Dutch) of David Tipping`s new book : Here.

Copied from this page at :

Sticklebacks to Skate - David Tipping

Species hunting is one of the few remaining areas of angling in which there is still scope for a pioneer - there are no magazine features, books or DVDs to tell you how, where and when to catch a stone loach or a viviparous blenny. Dedicated species hunting can be just as exhilarating as catching the biggest, fattest carp that ever swam - a refreshing antidote to the biggest-is-best angling culture which pervades modern angling. This book, probably the first of its kind, covers over 80 species in the UK and Ireland, with drawings and photos, brief notes about habits and haunts, and a collection of stories from a lifetime of species hunting.

David Tipping was fortunate to grow up in the countryside, becoming fascinated by wild places and wild things, especially fish. Like many anglers he became wrapped up in the big fish scene, travelling far afield to improve his personal bests, but the hunger for catching new species never waned. Pounds and ounces were never the only motivation; indeed, some of his most absorbing fishing has been for species which would sit comfortably in the palm of a hand.

There are parallels with bird spotting of course. ‘Twitchers’ do not chase the length and breadth of the country to see a bird just because it is big. The appeal lies in tracking down something rare, something outside your previous experience, and adding another ‘tick’ to your list. Just as birds are not always easy to distinguish, so the identification of fish can be a minefield, something with which many anglers struggle, but working out what you’ve caught is all part of the fun. These recollections of a lifelong angling twitcher may provide all the inspiration you need to go out and try it yourself!

Species fished for in the book....

Bullhead - Stone Loach - Minnow - Three-spined Stickleback - Brown Trout (Sea Trout) - Perch - Roach - Coalfish - Ballan Wrasse - Carp - Pike - Barbel - Chub - Common Bream - Silver Bream - Rudd - Tench - Grayling - Dace - Eel - Crucian Carp - Salmon - Thick-lipped Grey Mullet - Bass - Black Bream - Three-bearded Rockling - Lesser-spotted Dogfish - Conger Eel - Grey Gurnard - Launce - Mackerel - Plaice - Pollack - Pouting - Thornback Ray - Spotted Ray - Scad - Starry Smoothound - Dover Sole - Turbot - Flounder - Garfish - Bleak - Gudgeon - Ruffe - Shanny - Tompot Blenny - Rock Goby - Black Goby - Poor Cod - Five-bearded Rockling - Long-spined Sea Scorpion - Smelt - Sand Smelt - Lesser Weever - Rock Cook - Corkwing Wrasse - Goldsinny - Common Dragonet - Common Goby - Grass Carp - Wels (Catfish) - Goldfish - Ide (Golden Orfe) - Brook Char - Rainbow Trout - Zander - Arctic Char - Powan - Twaite Shad - Tadpole Fish - Leopard-spotted Goby - Viviparous Blenny (Eelpout) - Butterfish - Baillon’s Wrasse - Couch’s Bream - Giant Goby - Spurdog - Whiting - Dab - Bull Huss - Cod - Haddock - Ling - Red Gurnard - Cuckoo Wrasse - Black-mouthed Dogfish - Skate
2 mens(en) vinden dit een leuk bericht.
reacties (3)
28-10-2016 17:35:30
Pieter Beelen zegt : Cool sounds like he gets the picture of specieshunting and wat it is all about. Pitty I only lack 2 species that are in his book.
29-10-2016 06:44:09
Michael Lee Berg zegt : I need most of those! I think I will order this book, thanks for posting.

31-10-2016 11:08:51
Dirk Temmink zegt : I love the Medlar Press. they have some quality books over there.
Ordered this book some time ago and cant wait to start it.

Tip; they also sell some Chris Yates books. Doesn‘;t write about species hunting but is such a good writer!

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