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Subspecies,mutations and hybrids

Some specieshunters like to keep track of subspecies, mutations and hybrids they have caught. Until now, only listed species of fish that were recognized by fishbase.

Starting today, you can add any fish to, even if it`s not in fishbase. Non fishbase species will not add to your species count, but they will show up in your list and the pictures will be shown on our homepage.

To facilitate this, we came up with three categories of fish:

(fb) Fishbase
(nr) Non Recognized
(hy) Hybrids

Species that are listed in fishbase will have (fb) added to their (latin) names. Hybrids will have (hy). Subspecies, mutations and species that are not (yet) recognized by Fishbase will have (nr).

In the next few weeks we will be adding some common hybrids, mutations and subspecies to the list. Feel free to suggest any (sub-) species or hybrids you would like us to add using the contact form.

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