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[update] Technical problems

2nd Update feb 2nd 2019.

Well, that de-escalated quickly.

I just received a message from Exacthost that they `reset some permissions` whatever that means, but I succeeded in uploading some fresh fish, so apparently, it works again.

Update feb 2nd 2019.

Still no luck with the server migration. The folks at exacthost managed to get the site up and running for a little while on january the 25th, but shortly after that, uploading pictures no longer worked.

I have asked them for help but sofar to no avail.

If they don`t fix it soon, then this is probably the end of

I`m sorry guys.

Jan 25 :

Due to a server migration at our provider, we had some problems between jan 21st and yesterday.

Dutch users couldn`t upload images and users from abroad couldn`t connect through https.

I hope everything works now. If not, please let us know.

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reacties (12)
27-01-2019 22:00:09
Ton Nientied zegt : From home I cannot go back to previous pages. The advise given is to contact the administrator.
28-01-2019 00:34:54
Geert Jan Haarhuis zegt : I can‘;t upload pictures from the US I get:
Error occured contact administrator

28-01-2019 06:48:32
Barthold D. zegt : Thanks for all the work you put in our be loved website!
28-01-2019 13:25:10
Jani Hakkarainen zegt : I‘;m also having an error while trying to upload pictures....
01-02-2019 17:20:42
Ben Cantrell zegt : Also unable to upload a photo from the US.
02-02-2019 11:04:39
Bart van Iterson zegt : Uploading from the Netherlands gets me this error message:

Provider error ‘;80020005‘;

Type mismatch.

/fotos_post2.asp, line 71

Am I doing something wrong?
03-02-2019 20:41:03
Jani Hakkarainen zegt : Working! 😀;
13-02-2019 18:00:07
Ben Cantrell zegt : The “;older->;“; button is not working for me on the front page. It says:

An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator.
If you are the system administrator please click here to find out more about this error.
15-02-2019 18:13:43
Pascal Pépé Sjamajee Rommelaere zegt : The same (older) is happening also for Belgian users😢;
17-02-2019 21:05:02
Cock van der Hulst zegt : It seems not possible to upload pictures. Gert ERROR messages from Server.
18-02-2019 15:21:25
Barthold D. zegt : I have te same problem, not possible to upload pics: “;006~ASP 0178~Server.CreateObject Access Error~The call to Server.CreateObject failed while checking permissions. Access is denied to this object.“;
23-02-2019 19:56:58
Cock van der Hulst zegt : Again the same issue.

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